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I create graphic design projects for small and large businesses, improving their recognition and making them sell products in a more creative and effective way.

David Iohan Pigatto Graphic Designer

My name is David Iohan Pigatto and I am a freelance graphic designer specializing in Branding and Illustration.

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Being a multidisciplinary creative allows me to help you in many aspects of visual communication. Whether it’s the logo of your new business, the poster for an event, or a big project for your company, I will be able to help you, offering the right service.

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Why should you choose me?

● I am a professional creative with years of study and experience.  No hobbyists will take care of the image of your brand. 


● We will always be in contact, during the project there will be constant communication with moments of project review and analysis of the drafts. To ensure the highest quality I take care of a few projects at a time.


● A brand has an important value, with my communication and marketing knowledge I will create the perfect synthesis to ensure that the project fits perfectly with your business objectives.

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