Some curiosities about me

My name is David Iohan Pigatto and I am a multidisciplinary graphic designer from Italy. I work with companies from all over the world to make their Brands unique and appealing for their customers.

David Iohan Pigatto Graphic Designer

 I started studying graphic design at art school in Padua and then I continued my creative studies at the International School of Comics. While I was still doing my studies I felt like I wanted to create projects with a strong creative impact, so before finishing the comics course at the International School of Comics I started my career as a freelancer. 

In a few years I was able to work in various areas including food, science and video games as a graphic designer, illustrator and creative director. I also successfully ran a crowdfunding campaign for an indie video game.

In 2020 I won the Affinity by Serif selection for the “100 days 100 commissions” contest for which I made three illustrated covers.

My greatest passion (after graphic design) is reading: whether it’s marketing, communication, business strategy or personal development. This allows me to understand how to adapt graphic design to other areas of business, to ensure that design merges and works its best in the communication and identity process of companies.

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